Ma 2018. február 21. szerda, Eleonóra napja van.

Founded in 2016


  • dr. Magdolna Draskóczy
  • Iván Török

Board of trustees

  • Anett Hunyadi
  • Kata Simon
  • István Gulyás
  • Simon László Molnár
  • Kristóf Szekeres

Objectives of the Foundation

  • to facilitate personal and social mental hygiene with special regard to the formation of an autonomous personality
  • to promote, propagate and adopt the person centered approach developed by Carl Rogers, including the representation of the related theories and practices
  • to manage a person centered professional workshop

Please, contact us

  • Email: info [AT] rogerskozpont [DOT] hu
  • Mobil: +36303072021

If you’d like to donate

  • IBAN: HU52162001201854003700000000